Where Art Meets Impact

We are a not-for-profit, contemporary visual arts collective, connecting tech, art, and impact.

Engaged Members
Our members comprise of dedicated creatives, passionate art & nature lovers, innovative STEAM/Art teachers, & engaged parents.
Creative Expressions
We support contemporary art using a variety of mediums including, new media, visual design, immersive media, creative design & illustration, ceramics, film production, mixed media, & more
Cultures Bridged
Our initiative has enabled cross-cultural exchanges among participants from more than 10 cultures enabling diversity and inclusion in local societies by sharing their stories & creative journeys.

Member Benefits

We host transformative, cross-cultural initiatives at our Creative Art Hub based in Linkou, New Taipei City. Our initiatives are carefully curated to spark dialogue, inspire reflection, and encourage creativity. Local members enjoy unique events such as, expressive art programs for young families, participation in community-driven art installations, virtual exhibits of their creations, demonstrations from local artists, and more!

We deliver a combination of expressive and immersive multisensory experiences to communicate and address themes of social and environmental impact, fostering a deeper connection and understanding within and between communities.

Call for Partners

Multiply your impact by collaborating with us! Drop us a note and join the collective journey!

Where Art Meets

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